14k yellow gold 5 mm 26 inch flat mariner chain

14K Yellow Gold 5mm 26-Inch Flat Mariner Chain

14k yellow gold round shaped water under the bridge wedding set front view

14K Yellow Gold Round Shaped Water Under The Bridge Wedding Set

14K White Gold 9 Diamond Center Water Under The Bridge Design Wedding Set

Introducing our enchanting 14K White Gold Water Under the Bridge Diamond Wedding Set — a masterpiece that blends timeless elegance with nature-inspired beauty. This stunning set, crafted in 14K white gold, features a total of 1.50 carats in diamonds, creating a captivating representation of love's journey.


The intricate design of the Water Under the Bridge Diamond Wedding Set captures the essence of a flowing river, symbolizing the continuous and harmonious flow of love. The set includes both an engagement ring and a matching wedding band, perfectly complementing each other for a cohesive and breathtaking look.


Elevate your love story with this exquisite wedding set, a perfect union of nature-inspired design and exceptional craftsmanship. Whether as an engagement or wedding ring, this 14K white gold set is a timeless and symbolic choice for those who appreciate the beauty of love's journey.

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