14k white gold men's ring with barrel cut london blue topaz front view

14K White Gold Men's Ring with Barrel Cut London Blue Topaz

14k yellow gold men's ring with barrel cut sapphire front view

14K Yellow Gold Men's Ring with Barrel Cut Sapphire

14K Yellow Men's Gold Ring with Barrel Cut Ruby

Experience elegance with our Men's 14K Yellow Gold Ring with Barrel-Cut Ruby – a distinctive and vibrant choice designed for gifting or celebrating anniversaries. Crafted for men with a penchant for bold style, this ring features a simulated barrel-cut ruby as the focal point, radiating a rich and captivating hue.


The raised satin-finished sides lend a modern and masculine touch to the design, while pavé diamond accents on each side of the ruby add a subtle yet brilliant sparkle. The combination of the bold ruby and the shimmering diamonds creates a statement piece that exudes confidence and style.

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