Choosing a family heirloom

An heirloom can create a deeply personal connection to your history and connect a family through generations. If you are lucky enough to have something passed down to you, you may dream of one day passing it down to your own child.

For many people, they want to be the first generation in an heirloom’s history. Starting today, you can create own heirloom for your children and grandchildren, and many generations to come.

Here are some of the most common items that families choose as heirlooms:

Family Bibles
Suit and dresses
Letters, diaries, recipe books
Clocks and pocket watches
Furniture or crockery
Military Medals
Photographs and photo albums

And of course, jewelry.

If you decide to create an heirloom from that last selection, this article will help you make the right decisions to help it pass to future generations.

Choosing an heirloom is a timeless decision


When selecting the type of jewelry to pass down to your children and grandchildren, look for classic style, solid structure, and fine quality that will stand the test of time. 

A cultured pearl necklace is a perfect example of a timeless piece. Look at old photos of your mother and grandmother and you will see some styles never change.
Rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, and necklaces are all great choices for heirlooms. The more timeless the piece, the more likely it will continue to be worn for generations.

Your jeweler can assist you in choosing


During the selection process, it's a good idea to tell the jeweler that you intend for it to become a family heirloom.

Here are some heirloom jewelry suggestions that we have found stand the test of time:

Pearl Necklaces
Diamond Rings
Diamond Pendants
Diamond Stud Earrings
Pearl Earrings
Brooches (diamond, pearl, platinum)
Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Platinum or Gold Bands

Perhaps most important is the sentimental attachment that you have to a particular style, so be sure to consider your own preferences when creating it.
 For this reason, it is also important to know the best ways to care for, store and keep it in good condition. (link to storing jewelry article)

Create a unique heirloom with personal touches


You may wish to create something with a personal touch to be worn on your wedding day. For example, a charm bracelet can be passed down in your family, with each generation adding their own charms until the bracelet is complete.

A classic gold or platinum band can be engraved on the inside. Each heiress can inscribe their own initials until the band is full. Then, another band can be added, and the engraving can begin again.

Creating an heirloom takes a great deal of thought, but is worth the effort. It can become a timeless way to connect with your loved ones. To link yourself forever with the generations to come.

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