Here at Don Roberto Jewelers we offer FREE ear piercing in each of our 81 locations! We get a lot of questions on the web about the process, the price, and limits on our services; so we’re here to give the 411 on everything ear piercing.

The process of ear piercing is simple; first you will pick out you or your child’s first stud earrings.  Next you will receive a release form to read and review for you or your child.  Once signed and approved the associate will then clean the front and back of you or your child’s ear and mark the spot on both ears. Use the mirror to ensure that your piercing is even and that you're comfortable with the location, do the same with your child. Once a child’s piercing is done he or she will receive a “Super Brave Kid” certificate to acknowledge their bravery. This is a great archive for scrapbooks or memory boxes.

Don Roberto Jewelers Ear Piercing Certificate

Each of our sterile Medi-System earrings are 14k gold with surgical stainless steel backing.  They start at $29.99 and our after care solution costs $3.99. The after care process includes cleaning the front and back earlobes twice a day for 6-10 weeks. Below is the selection of the sterile earrings we have available for piercing.

Medi-System Earrings Don Roberto

At Don Roberto Jewelers we only pierce ear lobes’ first and second holes, we cannot perform any other style of piercing. For baby ear piercings, we prefer your child to be at least three months of age. We cannot perform an ear piercing with any outside earring; therefore earring must be purchased at the time of piercing. We do this to ensure the safety of you and your child. We use trusted and sterile Medi-System products and will only use those specific products to perform the piercing. After the 6-10 weeks you must replace your original earring to a post stud earring for at least 6 months and should be 14k gold or 24k gold plated stainless steel to avoid irritation or infection. Below are a few of the post stud earrings we have for children and adults.

Don Roberto Jewelers Ladies and Baby Earrings

We hope this answered any questions or concerns you had regarding our ear piercing process. We love to be part of you or your child’s piercing process and strive to make it as painless and enjoyable as possible. Our trained associates take pride in this procedure and hope that you will choose and trust us to make this experience as memorable as possible.



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