should you choose your own engagement ring?

It’s something you’ve dreamed of your whole life. Now that you’ve met that special someone, you feel like the time might be near. That moment when the proposal happens.

But what if you receive a ring that you don’t love? Do you have to accept it and keep it? Can you ask to exchange it?

Should you ask your partner if you can choose your own engagement ring?

For most brides-to-be, this is a tricky situation. There are a lot of things to consider, including the pros and cons.

The benefits of choosing your own engagement ring are:

  • You get to choose something that you love
  • You get to share the experience together
  • You remove the risk of not loving what your partner chooses
  • Your fiance-to-be will feel a lot less pressure to get it right

The drawbacks of choosing your own engagement ring are:

  • You lose the element of surprise
  • You may want something that is outside the budget of your fiance
  • You may have people say it’s not traditional to choose your own ring

Of course, only you can decide which way to go, but to help with the situation, here are a few tips to make it simpler.


1) Give them hints

If your partner has no idea where to start, you might give them hints such as metals that you like, precious stones that you prefer, or the appropriate size ring. They may not ‘get the hint’ immediately, but if they are working with a jeweler, it might help them to remember a few essential details.


2) Recruit your best friend or family member

Another ingenious approach is to give all the ideal details to your best friend, or a trusted family member so that they can relay the details.
They can then let your partner-to-be know that they have all the details, and can work together to create an element of surprise for you.


3) Let them choose from a ‘menu’

You can also visit a jeweler together, and pick out several ring options that you love. Then you can leave it up to your fiance-to-be to choose the final ring. This will add a little more element of surprise than choosing the exact ring.

As with all traditions, you can adapt and evolve it any way that you feel is right for you.

As long as the bond between the two people is strong, choosing the right ring should be a memorable and romantic experience, whether you are surprised, or you share it together.


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