14k gold two tone leaf pattern cross front view

14K Gold Two Tone Leaf Pattern Cross

14k gold two tone open pattern crucifix front view

14K Gold Two Tone Open Pattern Crucifix

14K Gold Two Tone Diamond Cut Nugget Crucifix

Celebrate your faith with our exquisite 14K Gold Two Tone Diamond Cut Nugget Crucifix. This stunning crucifix pendant features a Catholic cross design, intricately crafted from 14K yellow gold, measuring 32mm x 49mm. The bail and the cross are adorned with a nugget-style pattern, adding texture and depth to the piece. The diamond-cut accents enhance the sparkle and shine of the cross, creating a dazzling effect. The figure of Jesus is crafted from white gold, standing out against the yellow gold cross. Beads around the borders of the cross add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether worn as a personal statement of faith or given as a meaningful gift, this diamond-cut nugget crucifix is sure to inspire and uplift.
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