14k yellow gold graduation cap pendant front view

14K Yellow Gold Graduation Cap Pendant

14k yellow gold ruby with diamond accent ring front view

14K Yellow Gold Ruby with Diamond Accent Ring

14K Yellow Gold Onyx Rectangle Diamond Ring

Embrace a timeless blend of bold elegance with our Men's 14K Yellow Gold Onyx Rectangle Diamond Ring—an exceptional choice for gifting or marking special anniversaries. This distinguished ring boasts a captivating rectangle onyx as its centerpiece, exuding a sense of confidence and sophistication.


Adding a touch of brilliance, a slanted channel graces the onyx with six meticulously placed round-cut diamonds. The interplay of the deep, rich onyx and the sparkling diamonds creates a harmonious balance of strength and refinement.


The satin finish further enhances the ring's unique character, offering a subtle sheen that complements the overall design. Perfect for the modern gentleman, this ring is a statement piece that transcends trends, making it an ideal addition to any occasion or celebration.

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